How long does it take?
It depends on the type of book you want and how much time you need to review proofs. Photo books with minimal text are the quickest. Wedding books and milestone books average 3-4 weeks from receipt of photo's and copy to book delivery. Specialty books range from 2 months to, sometimes 2 years. You may want to take your time and other times you're working towards a quick deadline. Contact us and we can work out a program to suit your schedule.

What size can you make my book?
Following are the sizes you can choose from:
148mm square
210mm square
297mm square
148mm x 210mm (portrait or landscape)
210mm x 297mm (portrait or landscape)
297mm x 420mm (portrait or landscape)

Can you help me write or edit my book?
Yes. We offer two types of writing services. Either you provide raw material and we will write the book for you, or you write the book yourself and we will proofread it to catch grammar, spelling, and consistency errors. Ask us to include these services in your estimate.

Can I include a family tree in my book?
Yes you can, we have a worksheet for you to fill in with your family information.

How do I get my old images scanned?
We can do the scanning for you. You just mail us everything in folders, organised by chapters, and we will scan them for you. Your images will be sent back with your finished book. Please request scanning in your book estimate.

But if you decide to scan the images
If you choose to scan your images yourself, we will need to give you the scanning specs before you get started. We also suggest emailing us a sample scan so we can verify the image quality before you continue.

How are your books printed?
All our books are printed with a top-of-the line digital printer. We have selected several papers for our books and will specify the best one for your particular project.

How are your books bound?
We use traditional bookbinding tools and techniques. We also hand select our fabrics and papers to suit your book project.

Do you color correct my images?
We can retouch or color correct an image if you require. But in general you should provide us images as you'd like to see them. Major retouching can be done, contact us and we will provide you an estimate.

Can you make blank books, gift books, or wedding guest books?
We can do all kinds of books. Get in touch with your idea and we'll provide you an estimate.

Do you make books for companies and businesses?
Yes we do, get in touch with us with your idea and we'll provide you an estimate.

Do you work with photographers?
Yes we do. We offer full-service design, print and bind services. Get in touch for pricing.

For Creative Kids Books and Frames a 50% deposit of the agreed quote is required prior to commencement of the design stage. On approval, a further 50% payment is required prior to printing/framing. For all other books a deposit is required for the beginning design process. On final approval of the book prior to print the remaining cost for design, artwork and print will be required. We accept credit card, direct deposit payments or cheque.